Alita: Battle Angel – First Trailer


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Gunnm,  alas Battle Angel Alita,  is one of my favourite manga: it’s the one with whom I’ve started reading and loving manga and anime, along with Akira, Crying Freeman and Ghost in The Shell, back in the Ninenties. As you can see, I’m into cyberpunk and tecnology, like A LOT. So I’ve awaited patienly for the Cameron’s project, a live version of Yukito Kishiro’s manga, and I despised with all my heart Avatar (which I DIDN’T like) and its always announced and delayed sequels, because they delayed Cameron’s  attention from THE project I cared so much about, and I so eagerly awaited. But of course, James made zillion of dollars with his 3D-enhanced “creature”, and therefore Alita went down into the… scrapyard, pun intended. Luckily Roberto Rodriguez took in his hands the project, with Cameron as producer, and I was happy enough, because this summer my LONG wait should have come to an end.
BUT, like in a thriller well conceived, full of last-minute twist and turn, then came the SIX-MONTH delay, and the new due date, 12 December in US, 26 December in UK, and 1 January 2019 here in Italy…  for now, my appetite is satisfied, with a little glimpse,  but satisfactory enough to most of the main location of the manga, like The Scrapyard, Zalem, and The Factory. And for an instant, we can also see Gally in her shining Motorball Suit with the Damascus Blades.

And now, we wait, AGAIN!!!!!



2018/19 Movies Worth Waiting For – Glass


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The first trailer for the follow-up of Split, the impressive last movie of directory M. Night Shyamalan is here, and as already previously announced, is a crossover and sequel of both Split AND Unbreakable, another great movie of the same director.  Returnig characters therefore are the titular Mr. Glass, portrayed by a sinister Samuel L. Jackson, David Dunn, interpreted by Bruce Willis, and last but not least Kevin Wendell, as seen in the movie Split, brought to life by James McAvoy in a truly acting tour de force. Also returning is Anya Taylor Joy, who was spared by The Beast at the end of Split, whereas a welcome addition to the cast is Sarah Paulson, last seen in The Post, which plays Dr. Ellis Staples, a  psychiatrist who specializes in “Superheroes delusions”. The stakes are really high for this is one, but will Mr. “Sixth Sense” Shyamalan be up to it? We can only wait, and hope for the best….

Here’s the San Diego ComicCon poster for the movie:


2018 Movies Worth Waitin’ For – Two Queens


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From Yorgos Lanthimos, greek director of The Lobster, here comes The Favourite, a period drama about Queen Anne of England, played by Olivia Colman (who soon will be Elizabeth II in the third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix’s series The Crown)  and her friendship with two courtisans, played by Rachel Weisz and my beloved Emma Stone, the last one determined to climb up the ladder of  18th century’s english society.

Mary Queen of Scots,  with Saoirse Ronan in the main role and Margot “Harley Quinn” Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I, follows the attempt of Mary, catholic queen of Scotland,  to conquer the throne of England, only to be imprisoned and then executed by her protestant cousin, Elizabeth I

Cine20 – 323a Puntata


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Pur di racimolare qualche titolo interessante, Weltall ed io abbiamo raccolto le uscite delle prossime DUE settimane, e siamo riusciti a trovare solo il thriller politico Giochi di Potere con Ben Kingsley e il catastrofico Skyscraper  con Dwayne Johnson, ormai lanciatissima star degli action fracassoni. Per gli ultimi scampoli interessanti di stagione tocca aspettare la prossima settimana quindi.

Gia’ tutto online,come sempre QUA

Please Stand By : A True Trek Movie


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Escape is Imperative

Wendy is a special girl, with special needs. Because Wendy is autistic, and has to live according certain rules, because without them all her certainty will collapse and she’ll start panicking, like everyone living with his condition. She lives in an assisted facility, where her friend Scottie takes good care of her, helping her making progress and try and live a normal life, as normal as her life can be. She’d like to go to live with her sister, his husband and her newborn baby, because she wants to be an aunt, and cuddle her little niece, Ruby. Like most people in her condition, she also has special abilities: she’s a really talented writer, and she is also an hardcore Star Trek fan. So when her sister decide to sell their mother’s house and go to live away with her family, leaving Wendy in the facility house, she masters a plan to keep this from happening: she’s going to write a star trek script for a national contest, whose final prize is 100.000 $, and with that money she can be independent from her sister’s money and choose the life she wants to live. So when everything seems to go wrong, she decides to do something almost impossible for her: she’s going to bring her script to Paramount Pictures in LA, embarking in a adventurous and potentially dangerous journey from San Francisco, where she lives, to Los Angeles.

Please Stand By is the kind of movie that has the ability to capture exactly what it means to be a Star Trek fans, and also what it means to fight to find your true self, and to gain independence and self-confidence: in a few word, to grow up and become an adult. And like every good Trek story,  is told from an alien point of view, the alien being in this case a young girl born with a condition that force her to watch us, the so-called “normal” people from a distant point of view. Or even better, she can’t even watch us in the eye, which often is the way for us human to understand if someone is lying to us, or deceveing us, or to understand his true feeling for us. Because her condition prevent her to do it, unless she’s forced to, like the exercise of a “three seconds eye contact” that every day has to do with her carer  to keep contact with the rest of the world, and trying and espress her feelings the way we are used to do.

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Happy Pride To Everyone


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LOVE doesn’t understand borders, gender, race or belief
Because LOVE is the universal language which makes us HUMAN.

That’s why, even if I’m not gay,  I feel neglected and abused every time another human being is persecuted or beaten because of his or her sexual orientation, or simply cannot fully express their feelings in public like in private, in front of people or in front of God, or whatever you want to call it.
In this difficult and fearful time, where hate against everyone who’s different from us is so dangerously spreading, and no one seems able to stop it,  I think that all the world need the most is love, in every form and espression we can think of.

So from the bottom of my heart, in this day of happyness and joy,  I want to express my empathy and my solidarity to all the people of the LBGTQ+ movement, to keep fighting for their right to love, and to be loved.

When you’re in a battle, against an enemy so much bigger,so much stronger than you,
well, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed,
well that’s the best feeling in the world

(Pride, 2014)


Cine20 – 322a Puntata


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Alla disperata ricerca di un titolo da proporre ai lettori di CINE20, Weltall ed io per questa settimana siamo riusciti a trovare solo Unsane, girato da Soderbergh con un I-phone e interpretato da Claire Foy, la regina Elisabetta II di The Crown. Se non riuscite a trovarlo in sala (qui da me non c’e’ … ) potete sempre ripiegare su Stronger, con Jake Gyllenhaal e Tatiana “Orphan Black” Maslany.

Tutto online, Tutto QUA

Quote of the week #14 – Fight for the Weaker


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What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong!
We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves.
We were supposed to fight for Willie.
(A Few Good Men, 1992)

PS: In un periodo come questo, in cui tra cinema e tv fioccano reboot e remake, ho deciso di ricominciare la rubrica Quote of The Week, e faro’ il possibile per mantenere l’appuntamento ALMENO settimanale. E quale modo migliore per ricominciare che citare uno dei miei idoli indiscussi, nonche’ quel  maestro di scrittura e sceneggiatura per il cinema e la tv che e’ Aaron Sorkin, a cui si devono gli script di “filmetti” come appunto Codice D’Onore, tratto dalla sua commedia teatrale omonima, The President – Una Storia D’amore fino ad arrivare ai recenti The Social Network, La guerra di Charlie Wilson e Steve Jobs, nonche’ di quella serie capolavoro che e’ The West Wing.